5 BIG Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Owning a small business can carry some BIG tasks. Now more than ever, you not only need a great service or product, you also need an effective online presence. That's double the work! If you're managing your Social Media platforms, here are some things you need to know for your 2018 marketing tactics:

1.  Instagram is growing 5 times faster than any social platform in history. If you aren't on Instagram, create an account now! Users are shopping brands on Instagram now more than ever & businesses enjoy the perk of unpaid, organic reach. If you have a Facebook account, you can link it to your Instagram account and run ads simultaneously. Post often & consistently to guarantee a healthy following. 

2.  Post stories on Facebook & Instagram. When a follower logs into their account, the first thing they will see is the story news feed scrolling on the top of their page. You want to be there! Stories offer behind the scene looks, short videos & fun, impromptu pics (just to name a few). Keep your stories authentic & have fun! Warning:  Stories only last 24 hours. If you love it, make it a highlight! 

3.  Facebook is becoming more of a community...this means your unpaid posts have been bumped to the bottom.  Ouch! But, don't dwell on it too much. This just means that your business page needs to be more community-oriented so your followers take more actions to keep up with your business. This is a great opportunity to recruit page advocates that will like & share your posts. You can easily find them as they will be the followers who engage most with your page. Also keep in mind that when someone Googles your business, you still want to have a strong & inviting presence on Facebook. It's a standard that our digital world has set.

4.  You can now follow hashtags on Instagram. This is a great development for your branded hashtag! Users can now follow hashtag streams & the streams will feature top posts on followers' feeds. Hashtag EVERYTHING! Your customers are looking!

5.  Post videos! Videos may seem intimidating at first, but there are plenty of online, affordable video makers. Video makers like Raw Shorts are totally free! Your video only needs to be 30 seconds or less. Create slideshows with pictures of your business, new products and tips. LISTS are trending, so incorporate them into your videos by countdowns, top five products, etc. 

If you have any questions about marketing your small business on social media, send me a message! I would be happy to guide you on your way to a strong & successful 2018!