Are You Tag-Able?

Remember the days when being “searchable” on Google was the latest and greatest thing? It seems like it was just yesterday when people started bulking up their SEO strategy to meet their business needs. For some of you, this may have actually happened just yesterday!

Although SEO strategies are important in today’s marketing world, it is important to take into account that there is a similar need when it comes to your Social Media strategy.

Let’s see if your business is tag-able and searchable:

__Is your business searchable on Instagram or do your potential clients need to put in the extra work to find that creative and unrelatable tag you’re using?

__Are you using hashtags that apply to your business or are you using #BabyPuppies to promote your clothing boutique or Five-Star hotel?

__When other businesses try to search and tag your products and services, do they have to use a hashtag with your business name because you haven’t set up your Social Media pages yet?

__Is your business description accurate when it comes to what you provide and are you using hashtags to link it to beneficial and highly-visible streams?

__Are you making it a process for people to find you?

What’s your score? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these, then it’s time to focus on changing your answer. Don’t make your potential clients and Social Media advocates work to find you.