3 FREE Ways to Boost Engagement on Social Media

If you’ve been working on your Social Media game lately, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen a shift in engagement. RECOGNIZE… I didn’t say decrease or drop in engagement. SHIFT is the magic word!

Believe me, I’m a creature of habit like most, so it took me a minute to really process what’s been going on with Instagram and Facebook. After days of thinking and strategizing, I came to a very simple conclusion… I’ll follow the advice that I’ve been given and that I’ve given to other people! Instagram has not made it any mystery that they want you to connect with REAL followers. After all, FAKE people and FAKE accounts really don’t ever seem like a good idea to associate with.

But, how do we do that? Where do we start from here? Here are 3 ways to start your journey toward real-life follower connections through your online presence. Enjoy!

#1 Post to Stories

Do you remember that SHIFT I was talking about? Well, here it is! You may have noticed that your number of Likes have dropped recently, which has been connected to changes in the algorithm. Some of the people that used to like your stuff just aren’t seeing it anymore, which results in fewer likes. However, if you post to stories, the number of views are some times triple or even quadruple the number of likes on your post. It’s all about visibility, so don’t take it personally. If you want your followers to see your posts, post to stories! Before, it was a lovely little bonus feature… now it’s serious business. Take the time to post, mention and hashtag to reach your followers.

#2 Tag & Mention Businesses & People Associated With Your Posts

REAL people offer REAL results! Are you looking to grow your following? You won’t get it through posts with zero hashtags and mentions. Hashtags are great… but make sure that if there’s a person or business that you could cross-promote your posts with, tag them. Digital Networking guarantees that you reach people regardless of the algorithm in place.

#3 Vary Your Content

Now this point may need a little more reflection. We all walk a thin like between branding and authenticity. We all want that polished look that offers a nice, warm feeling to our followers. Make sure you aren’t posting the same thing over and over again. Instagram and Facebook will notice! Switch up your content with new videos, behind-the-scene looks, employee shoutouts, new hashtags, community involvement pics, client features, business stories… Just Post Something New & Exciting! Take time to think about it and give it a thoughtful approach.

So what are you waiting for? Post, Mention & Engage! That’s it! If you like what I’m saying, drop me a line and make sure to follow me on Social Media!

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